About Todd

Barely 18 years old and ready to graduate, Todd Becker was a handsome young man with a smile that touched all who were fortunate enough to see his face. Self assured with a straightforward attitude, Todd was an athlete, an achiever and a solid friend of many. A starter on the state finalist football team, a center-fielder with an arm that kept the opponent on first base and a leading contender in the state pole-vault competition, Todd had potential that assured his dreams for the future.

In the early morning hours of February 6, 2005, it all ended for Todd. His dreams, his smile, his potential, and his life. One choice made all the difference for Todd. Ultimately, the path he chose was the path that ended his life. As a back seat passenger in a car that lost control, Todd was buckled in and yet, still could not avoid the hands of God. Todd's day of judgment came without any warning.

Todd's life on earth ended that cold February morning. Each of our lives will one day end. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow, but one day God's hand will indeed touch us all. Will you be ready?

There is no doubt, our choices have eternal consequences.
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