From August to May, interns travel 3 days a week to public high schools across a 12-state region and minister to students who have been impacted through the Todd Becker Foundation’s assembly outreaches. Following the actual assembly, interns help counsel impacted students during one-on-one conversations and ultimately, point students to Jesus Christ through sharing the Word of God.


During the internship, interns deepen their understanding of the Bible, develop their personal Christian testimony, learn how to share the Biblical plan of Salvation and ultimately become effective at leading students to Christ in public schools through the assembly outreaches.


As interns travel on a tour bus from event to event, they’re in a mobile classroom deepening their walk with Christ and growing in their understanding of Scripture. Interns experience the excitement and challenges that come with life on the road, stay with Christian host families in each town they visit, and meet people from all different cultures, churches, and walks of life.


STINT interns are housed in 3-bedroom apartments that are modern, well-maintained and safe. They share common space with two other interns of the same gender and are provided a private room within the apartment. Each intern is also provided with a monthly food allowance.

STINT Common Questions

What is STINT?
STINT is the Todd Becker Foundationʼs internship program, “Short Term Ministry Internship.” The STINT program gives interns real-world, front line, ministry experience that significantly impacts their spiritual growth and maturity as a Christian.

What are the requirements to become a STINT intern?
First, applicants must be a recent high school graduate or expect to graduate high school and receive a diploma (or equivalent) within 8 months of their application. Second, applicants must be at least 18 years of age at the point of their expected internship start date. Third, applicants must have been actively involved in their local youth group, church, or Bible study/small group for a period of 6 consecutive months prior to their application. Fourth, applicants must have a letter of reference from their pastor, youth leader, or Bible study leader which recommends them for the STINT Program.

How long is the internship?
STINT Interns serve on a 9 month term for the high school assembly tour which begins approximately August 15 and ends approximately May 15. Interns who successfully complete the first 9 month tour are evaluated by the Todd Becker Foundation staff and often presented with the opportunity to serve on another 9 month STINT internship. In some cases, interns who are highly successfully in their first or second 9 month tour and who feel a strong calling to full-time ministry are given the opportunity to become a full-time staff member with the Todd Becker Foundation.

What states will I travel to?
From New Mexico to Minnesota, to Wyoming to Missouri, the Todd Becker Foundation puts on assemblies in public school in an 11-state region throughout the central United States.

What do STINT Interns do while not traveling?
STINT interns travel each week, 3-days per week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday). While not traveling, interns participate in a bi-monthly office staff meetings and briefings. Some interns are given limited responsibilities in the Todd Becker Foundation office, which are paid on a per-hour basis. On non-travel days, interns are encouraged to obtain other part-time employment.

If I apply and Iʼm accepted, does that mean I am obligated to take the internship?
No. You can apply and if youʼre accepted, you may take time to pray about the opportunity to become a STINT. You may choose to accept the invitation to become a STINT intern, or choose to pursue another opportunity in your life.

What if I become a STINT Intern, begin traveling, but end up not liking it? Can I get out of it?
To help build team unity and foster strong commitment amongst staff and interns, all interns (and staff, for that matter) commit to serve for the entire 9 month term/tour. This commitment also fosters strong spiritual growth and helps all members of the leadership, staff and interns learn to work through difficulties and challenges together.

Iʼm new in my faith and a bit unsure about how to share the Gospel. Is this for me?
Yes! This internship is all about helping those who want to grow deeper in their faith, learn the Bible more throughly and become effective in leading others to Christ. We love training and teaching young people who are serious about growing in their faith.

Is the internship paid?
Although the internship is not paid, all STINT interns are housed in 3-bedroom apartments that are modern, well-maintained and safe. Each intern is housed with three other interns of the same gender and provided a private room within the apartment. Interns are also provided a monthly food allowance.

How much is the monthly food allowance?
Each STINT Intern is given a $250.00 food allowance at the beginning of each month. In addition, while out on the road for outreach events (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday), typically the local churches and host families provide some meals for the traveling staff and interns.

Do I have to raise my own financial support to become a STINT intern?
No. No personal support raising is done by Todd Becker Foundation staff members or Interns. Support raising is done through various events, namely, our annual fundraising banquet, which STINT interns and other staff volunteer their time for.