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The Todd Becker Foundation travels throughout the Midwest and puts on an assembly presentation to public high school students, grades 9-12. The assembly unfolds the tragic and life-changing choices that ultimately led to the death of Todd Becker.Seen by over 40,000 high school students in the Midwest, the story is told largely by Todd's older brother, Keith, and includes live music from the touring band "All the Noise," graphic images, videos and many other media elements.

Typically two separate assemblies are presented when the Todd Becker Foundation visits a local high school. The first is the afternoon assembly for grades 9-12, which is held during the school hours. This assembly tells the tragic Todd Becker story and challenges students to take the narrow road, according to the scripture, Matthew 7:13. The major focus of this message is choices and their consequences.

That same evening, a separate assembly is presented where "All the Noise" performs a concert and an entirely different story and message is presented. This evening event is largely a faith-based, Christian message.
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