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Keith I hear you on Christian Radio and have it on my heart to tell you how appreciative and amazed I am to hear how you tell the truth and stand for Gods Word no matter what on your radio clips. Thank you Brother!

Anonymous :

My life was turned around after Keith told his testimony.I realized that I needed to change.I feel different.

Megan Maddox:

Yesterday I was so grateful in be able to see these guys perform and being able to hear the story about Todd. This really changed my life! I hope I would be able to see them again! They came to a school near me so during school time I got to go see them and then me and a friend went to see it again last night because we were so impacted by it the first time and even the second time we were really impacted by the story and how Keith turned his life around! Would love to see it again! Thank you for coming! I really needed that in my life so much!

casper guenther:

The book was great to I've read it all already thank you for the book and coming to our school

casper guenther:

You guys signed my book and I thought it was awsome

clarissa martin:

i thought the book was great i think it should be made into a movie and i really don't care for church and i never will but that doesn't mean i don't believe i mean we all sin,we all make mistakes,and we all have different beliefs were just as good as anyone else .


When Keith came to my school I was expecting the same thing as every year before, some teacher or police officer telling us to be careful because alcohol and drugs are dangerous. I was so wrong; I left wiping away tears. I was able to relate and when Keith asked us to decide whether we were going to take the narrow path or the easy path, I realized that even though I thought I was living a good enough life, good enough just wasn't enough. I always thought that some things were ok as long as I didn't step too far off the path. I now understand that it's all or nothing.


Keith's speech really made me think about the narrow road or the easy way. I honestly was thinking about choosing the easy path but after that sad but true presentation, I thought long and hard and now is the time to choose the correct path to live. It isn't easy but it is really worth it in the end.


Keith's speech really impacted my life. I get baptized on February 26,2017. Thank you Keith and the rest of the ToddBecker foundation for helping me follow the narrow road and have Jesus Christ as my savior. My cousin would like to you you guys. She goes to Bennet Middle School in Bennett, Colorado. I would just like to say that Todd's death was on my birthday. I am not saying this in a happy way, but I'm so thrilled to be sharing my birthday with the death of Todd Becker. Keith you and the rest of the ToddBecker foundation have changed my life forever. The ToddBecker foundation has impacted many people's life's forever.

Tyearra :

Thank you! That was so awesome it touched my heart and changed my life and I made a choice to follow God.


Thank you! You helped me stand up infront of everyone and I seemed so brace.


Thank you! You helped me stand up infront of everyone and I seemed so brace.

Rockstar dude :



Hey Jacob. Thanks for your post. I would be happy to help with what you are going through. Could you please email me at I would really like to talk with you more and help. I hope to hear from you!!! Keith

Jacob McIntosh:

I need help getting through each day. I am truthfully in a lot of pain and I feel like I am not important in the world any more

Josiah Weyeneth:

Keith’s speech was very inspirational. I am sorry that Todd’s life had to end thatway! :(

haligh guenther:

I loved the speech that keith gave us I really belive in him and his creations thank you kieth and being strait up honest

Kaylee Koch:

Thank you sooo much for coming to our school, Crofton High School. It was amazing to hear your story, and it was very inspirational. I now want to take the narrow path, and you gave me hope. The band Chye also did an amazing job! I am now feeling better about my life, and I want to thank you for having such a powerful impact on my life!!

Allison Altwine :

Thanks for sharing your story. I was inspired to take the narrow path thank you!!! The band was amazing!

Katelyn Krause:

Thank you so much for ur inspirational assembly today in croften!! It was sad but yet a lesson to learn from and a assembly that meant a lot to people... I did cry however but it was a great life lesson and story we needed to hear!

Montana Stirling:

I thought the performance was amazing and it will help me make decisions in the future!


Thank you all so much. This event really impacted my life. Much love.

Kaylee mullins:

last night was amazing

Kaylee Mullins :

it was amazing


It really impacted me. I had plans to go out and drink the night of homecoming. That story changed my life entirely. Thank you.