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The Story Behind The Name “Chye”

“Well it started on an old gym floor.” The lyric from the song Cheyenne on Chye's first album Brand New Day says it all. That moment was the start of one girls amazing journey to find hope, peace and purpose in her life.

Three years ago on a brisk Nebraska fall day, Cheyenne was going about her busy day of classes. She expected it was going to be just another day of life as a high school student. Little did she know that shortly she would take a step that would start a process of transformation in her life.
Walking into the high school gym, she thought this would be just another assembly. However, as she sat and listened, God continued to tug at her. She knew that her life was not on the right track. She could see herself slowly taking steps toward destruction as Todd Becker had done years before. When Keith had the students make a decision, she had already made up her mind.
After the assembly was over, she quickly grabbed Keith's "I Know" book. As she began to read it days later, scripture came alive to her as it never had before. She saw that it wasn't about her. It was what Christ did for her. She surrendered herself to Christ that day.
Shortly afterward, Cheyenne sought out a teacher and asked about the local youth group. Within weeks she was yearning for more and more of God. She became a part of the youth leadership team, sang on the worship team, and got involved in a small group bible study. She also developed a mentorship with a youth sponsor where she could talk about her struggles and grow more in her walk with Christ.

To this day Cheyenne is living for purpose and hope. She found it in Christ. That is the heart of the Todd Becker Foundation ministry, to see God save and restore the lost. And that is the heart of "Chye." We could think of no better name for our band than a real life example of God's power and mercy.

The chorus of Cheyenne proclaims: “You are my refuge; You are the one my heart can cling to. JESUS MY HEART IS YOURS!”

That's what it's all about.

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About Chye

Chye is a full-time Christian touring band with a one-of-a-kind mission: to share the love of Jesus Christ with the high school students they meet in their role as the music ministry team of the Todd Becker Foundation. Since its debut in 2006, Chye has proclaimed God's glory to more than 50,000 students throughout the central United States.

From its beginning, Chye has been focused on the hopes, fears, and choices facing the 9th-12th grade students it serves. In fact, the band took its name from one of those students — Cheyenne, a high-schooler whose life was upended by Christ at a Foundation event.

The band and the Foundation's speaking team typically travel together, jointly producing their trademark high school outreach presentations. At each school-partnership event, Chye opens an afternoon school assembly with live music, and then performs a full concert as part of an evening gospel outreach to the community.

Chye features an alternative rock/pop style reminiscent of Jars of Clay. And while the groove is fresh and inventive, it is paired with powerful scripture-based lyrics drawn from the experiences of people the band has met and ministered to on the road. “It is these stories that have helped shape Chye into the ministry team it is today,” notes Chris McClemens, lead guitarist. “We believe our music fills two key roles for God and the Foundation. First, our live event presentations begin a conversation with today's teens, letting them know that we understand their hurts and their needs. Second, our recordings can provide an always-ready spiritual boost to students as they continue their walk with God.”

The band's sophomore EP album, Scarlet, was produced and engineered at Blackwatch Studios in Norman, Oklahoma by Jarod Evans (Ben Rector, Green River Ordinance, Graham Colton, The Evangelicals).